[RZG051] Pep Bago - Big City Nights EP [Rezongar Music]

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[RZG051] Pep Bago - Big City Nights EP [Rezongar Music]

Mensaje  joefisher el Vie Ene 18, 2013 10:51 pm

Out Now on Rezongar Music

Pep Bago - Big City Nights EP[RZG051]
01. Pep Bago - Big City Nights (Original Mix)
02. Pep Bago - Big City Dreams (Original Mix)
03. Pep Bago - Big City Nights (Max Cue Remix)
04. Pep Bago - Big City Dreams (News Remix)

Release Date >
January 9th, 2013 (Beatport Exclusive)

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Microtrauma "Good remix by Max Cue, like it!
Graham Gold "The orig. of BC Nights is interesting"
Fr3ak "Loving Big City Nights, great job Pep"
Leandro Dutra "Great Ep! All the mixes are good! Big City Dreams is my favorite"
Gabriel Ferreira "Very nice and very cool release but no for my sets"
Jorge Alfaro Granados "Full support!"
Sergio Helou "Thanks"
Merlyn Martin "Big City Dreams' Original mix for me"
Gemma Furbank "Great E.P - Max Cue remix is my fav. Love it."
Maxi Iborquiza "Good House! will be using Max Cue remix in my sets"
Samer "Very Nice, smooth, chunky prog"
Martin Kremser "Very nice remix by Max Cue"
Robin (Cinematique) "Superb stuff by Max Cue. Really like the build up in this one"
Micrologue "Very nice Remix by Max Cue! Support!"
Mauro Norti "Awesome!!! I like Max Cue remix"
Kristina Lalic "Great remix by Max Cue, full support"

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We are receiving fresh unsigned music at demo@rezongarmusic.com.ar

Art Design >
Melak - www.facebook.com/melak.studio

Radio Show host>
Juan Bailey - www.soundcloud.com/juanbailey

Next Releases>
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[RZG054] Dj Christ - Slap Ya Mama EP

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