Music For Batteries - Summer 2013 compilation

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Music For Batteries - Summer 2013 compilation

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Home Made Electronica Summer 2013 compilation
Music For Batteries, Out Now @ Beatport

part 1

part 2

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What is a battery? According to Oxford dictionary it is “a container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power”. So it uses chemical energy to produce power. If inputs define outputs, and music is an input for batteries, then output is a power of music produced by a chemical reaction.

If you go for holidays, batteries are almost unavoidable part of your holiday equipment. For instance, everybody needs a pocket lamp during holidays… for sneaking into a bedroom next to your new companion? For some action in the bushes? To use it after a night swim or skinny-dipping ? You also need batteries for your radio and new friends who share your taste for music? Basically, holding a battery in your hand before the holidays can bring back good memories and ‘hot’ feelings before your trip even started. Try it out!

Music for Batteries compilation refers to the musical output of the current Croatian electronic music. Over the last few years, Croatia has become the host of a number of amazing festivals attracting clubbers from all around the globe which further positioned Croatia on the global clubbing map. We see this as an amazing opportunity to present the electronic music made here in Croatia to the international festival goers. Musically speaking, we keep Music for Batteries dance-floor orientated as in ‘four to the floor’ music form. We keep it open to all while DJs wove unique atmosphere using different music styles.

With the Music for Batteries compilation we have opened up a new arena for expression of ‘Home Made’. This is Project No. 1 of Home Made and along with standard releases we would like to explore possibilities of using the project as a format to work with music in the future.

Artists involved
Below Bangkok, Benkovac Ecstasy Club, Blashko, Dav, Eduard Penkala, Examine, FM, How Convinient, Igor Brzovic, Iva Visković, Ivan Komlinovic, Ivan Romac, Jan Frensin, Kiano, Lad, Le Chocolat Noir, Liquid Level, Microslav, Monotek,Novem, Popsimonova, RFMN, Sanaz A Belle, Sergej Snooze, Squarewave, Yunnansound, Zarkoff

Compiled by Sergej Snooze
Design by Studio Franić & Steković
Mastering by Zarkoff (with support from Ivan Komlinović)
Home Made in house engineer Dino Kraljeta

Benkovac Ecstasy Club - Vinac Acid 2008
Blashko feat Sanaz A Belle - Its so easy
Dav - Kick the nation
Eduard Penkala - Untitled
Examine - Symbiosis
FM - Downfall (Le Chocolat Noir Vox Version)
FM & Sergej Snooze - Olja 2 (Lad remix)
How Convinient - Useless
Igor Brzovic - Backwards
Ivan Komlinovic - Alcoholics
Ivan Romac - Nightmare
Jan Frensin - Fringe Science
Kiano and Below Bangkok - Going Away
Liquid Level - Modnar
Microslav - Kod Dade
Monotek - Beat This Ap
Novem - Tongue Wars
RFMN - Untitled
Sergej Snooze & Igor Šon pres Iva Viskovic - Lose Myself
Squarewave - Octaver
Yunnansound - The Thing
Zarkoff i Popsimonova - Azzure

Contact & Licensing
Home Made Electronica
Sirup Club
Donje Svetice 40
10000 Zagreb


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